Report from the field

Given the events that occurred at the first scheduled screening in Freetown, we are delighted to announce that this past Saturday, March 26 was a highly successful screening day. Three-thousand individuals arrived and waited calmly and patiently for many hours?some arriving the day before?in hope that today would be the day they would finally hear the words, ?Yes, we can help you.?

Africa Mercy Managing Director Donovan Palmer was on hand to assist with screening day. ?We?ve seen about 3,000 people come through the lines and be contacted with us one way or the other and we?ve been able to manage that very, very well.?

About 150 Mercy Ships crew members staffed the screening for security purposes, medical services and prayer support.

Mid-day, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Parker, took a break from seeing patients and provided an update. ?We?ve had an excellent screening morning. The team worked together so well from security to medical to logistics. We?ve seen most of the people who have come through and mostly conditions that we can help them with. I?ve been at a lot of screenings, and this one is very smooth.?

Many individuals with large tumors or deformities have resorted to living a life of solitude?secluded and alone in their homes. Attending medical screening is an opportunity for human contact that the soul craves.

?We?ve had a lot of fun with the people,? Palmer said, ?We?ve been able to talk to them and engage and even if we can?t help them, we pray with them and hear their stories.?

The hugely successful screening allowed Mercy Ships to schedule surgeries for the remainder of the Field Service in Sierra Leone. Thanks to a dedicated crew and helpful local civil authorities, this screening day was a vast success.

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