The baker and patients are back on board!

I'll try to write some english updates for the people whos reading my blog, but don't know the Norwegian language.

Every morning we get served fresh baked rolls. Even if you are really tired or don't want to wake up, the thought of hot rolls with Nutella drags you up! He/she has been observed 11 PM, saying Good Morning to the people sitting in the Stabucks, ready to go to bed, when going for work; funny. Today they'd made pancake with sirup ( I think?), but not enough for all the morning crew.

We've had some patients on board as well. So the hospital ship is starting up their blessed work for helping people! The ones I've seen on deck 3, is people with foot problems; such as twisted ankles that makes them go wrong and in pain

We do not have a new date for a big screening, in stead each 'department' have smaller screening.

Today I went to the dentist for getting my tooth fixed. All I can say is that Dag Tvedt (the Norwegian dentist) is the best dentist I've ever had!!

Lots of people is comming and going. New faces every day. And I'm leaving in 3 weeks *sad* The dayworkers are getting in the system, and we have ONE GIRL, a welder, in the engineering department *happy*

This is the updates I can come up with now.

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mamma anita

18.mar.2011 kl.10:51

You write good english Ida, we are very proud of you. Looking forward to see you back home in 3 weeks time.

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